And it is exactly with this audience that you have to do research to create your menu.

Italian food pleases the palates of countless Brazilians and still draws people’s
attention. In this article we will assist you in setting up an Italian restaurant
correctly, avoiding losses and showing business opportunities. The Italian
restaurant has the idea of bringing typical Italian foods to Brazil, offering a
variety of dishes, and also, creating an environment that remembers the traces
of a legitimate piece of the European country.
It is necessary to make customers feel at home in Italy, and for that it is essential
to invest in the decoration, dishes and even the employees’ clothes. A good tip is
to choose traditional Italian music to play in your restaurant, but remember that
it must not be turned up at high volume to avoid interfering with people’s
conversation. As the restaurant is themed, you can look for places where people
live that better adapt to the profile of the restaurant. Choosing an area where a
colony of Italians is concentrated will possibly increase the chances of attracting
more customers to your business.