Decoration colors of cold houses – colors of paints

The design of the Summer House by Rico Mendonça harmonizes the colors of cold paints: blue,
green and purple.
decoration cool wall colors – paint colors
Another color combination of cold wall paints, project by Estúdio Sespede Arquitetos.
decoration warm wall colors – paint colors
Warm paint colors are found in the Lore Arquitetura project.
Neutral colors
This harmonization is the great preference when it comes to kitchen decoration, whether in
the choice of wall colors or furniture. This is precisely because it allows different combinations
of accessories and decorative objects of different colors and never makes the resident of his
choice sick. The colors of neutral paints are white, gray, black, beige and brown. A good
example is the living room below with the laminate floor also neutral.
Decorating neutral house colors – paint colors
The classic color combination of neutral paints was Patricia Kolanian Pasquini’s choice for her
project. Home paint color  Painting house lexington