Electrical Packaging

For instance, it is important to note that hoisting eyes found in elements such as forced ventilation covers and kits should only be used to properly lift the same components in isolation and never to the complete motor. In this way, the elements known as hoisting eyes are dimensioned in such a way that they are able to withstand only the mass of the motor sealmaster sf-31 which is compulsorily specified on the nameplate. The motors that are delivered on pallets need to be hung in a proper way by the base of the pallet. It is not advisable to use lifting eyebolts to hold the motor together with other equipment, such as bases, pulleys, fans, pumps and reducers, among others.

In the case of motors being individually packed, they shall never be lifted by the axle or its packaging, but with the appropriate devices and lifting eyes. In case the eyebolts are damaged, with possible cracks or deformations, for example, they should never be put into use. It is extremely important that, in addition to all the safety measures that must be taken, all conditions must be checked before using them.