Frequency Inverters – Benefits

Frequency drives control the speed and speed of the electric motor to meet the real demands of the process without loss, ensuring significant energy savings.  In addition, it reduces feeder loads and mechanical stress on machines during engine startup, especially in couplings and reduction boxes. These functions can also be achieved with simple control methods, for example with valves or by-pass control, controls by on / off systems, but these methods consume a lot of energy, in addition to the total cost being higher than the solution with frequency inverters. In addition, we have the environmental effect, as it increases the emission of CO2 in power generation plants.

In this way, the total investment costs with simple control methods are much higher than with frequency inverters, and there are several other investment returns on the acquisition of drivers. For example, the ability to improve the process, which guarantees us better quality and better production rates, is very difficult to achieve with simple control methods. Any increase in production capacity usually requires rebuilding of the entire system.