Girarrosto Italian Restaurant

Ga pasta rowell American Pasta
Open where Pandoro, a symbol of São Paulo’s bohemia, used to work, the restaurant by chef
and restaurateur Paulo Barroso de Barros and businessman Paulo Kress is great. It has 280
seats, a wood oven with a rotating spit that gives the house its name and a bakery. From the
kitchen, under the command of the Italian Salvatore Loi (ex-Fasano), starters come out like
white polenta with grilled scallops and pinoli. But fresh pasta predominates, such as the
delicate gnocchi stuffed with ossobuco topped with gremolata sauce. Also taste the porchetta
prepared in the girarrosto. With pururucated skin and soft meat, it is accompanied by
vegetables roasted al dente. On Sunday evenings, the house serves only pizzas made with
wholemeal dough and natural yeast. Av. Cidade Jardim, 60, Jardim Paulistano, tel. 3062-6000, Since 2012. Mon. to Thu. 12h / 15h and 19h / 0h; Fri. 12h / 15h and 19h /
1h; Sat. 12h / 17h and 19h / 1h; Sun. 12h / 17h and 19h / 0h. Credit: A / D / M / V. Debit: M / R
/ V. Couvert: R $ 12.50. Starters: R $ 33 to R $ 59. Main dishes: R $ 47 to R $ 89. Desserts: R $
22 to R $ 26. Executive menu: R $ 65. Valet: R $ 18.