How to eat well in Italy

I know that not everyone who visits Italy considers “eating” to be a hobby. Maybe you don’t
want to spend your precious time on holiday sitting in a café for lunch two
hours and shrinks with the idea of disappearing more than €50 for a good meal for two. For
me, great dishes are poisons from my favorite souvenirs, but they leave nothing to pack in
my suitcase or reveal on the shelf. I still know that not everyone is like me.
The good news is that you don’t have to be willing to spend your luck eating well in Italy, and
you also don’t have to take hours of meals. I still encourage you to avoid restaurants where the
menu is translated into multiple languages, there is a waiter just outside the door trying to
attract people, or there is a large logo of golden arches on the door. Yes, there is fast food
throughout Italy and is reliable for fast (and cheap) food exactly as you would expect. You
usually also find a lot of Italians
There, I’m not going to And I’d still tell you to stay away.