Important devices for circuits

These devices are some of the main stable devices of an electric control panel that can be used to make an electric machine or an electric motor run, among other functions. The relays are the basic elements of electric charge manipulation, since they accept the combination of logic in the control, as well as the separation of the power and command circuits. There is no physical contact between the drive terminals and the work terminals.

The Time relay (timers) are electronic devices that allow switching an output signal according to its function. Regarding the type of actuation these relays can be delayed in the energization where their keys actuate a time after the connection and returns them to the rest immediately after their shutdown or deenergization or delayed in the deenergization that acts the keys immediately in the activation, but only they return to the rest one time after deactivation. In the panel of this relay there is a button by which the delay time is selected.

Thermal or overload relays are devices installed to protect, control or control an electrical circuit, always acting by the thermal effect caused by the electric current. These relays have as basic element the bimetal, composed of iron and nickel.