LATEX PVA used indoors

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PVA latex paints are mostly used indoors. They have good yield, quality and good price.
The main properties of this type of paint are:
Ease of application, allowing good spread on the surface and quick drying, good resistance to
weathering and heat, easy cleaning, with the use of neutral soap and water, resistance to
mildew, good color retention, durability, allow repainting, provided that the surface is
thoroughly cleaned before application. Its odor is minimal.
Its application must be done between two and three coats.
It’s ideal for those who don’t have much experience with painting.

It is not a suitable paint for wet areas or areas that may receive constant rain, nor for high-
gloss finish coatings, such as a handrail, for example.

As it is more porous, it must be cleaned with a soft cloth, as bushings or very rough materials
will raise the shine of the film after friction.
Acrylic paint looks very similar to PVA latex paint, it is also soluble in water, but its formulation
is made with acrylic and methylmethacrylic resins, which provides a product with high
impermeability and durability.