Masonry house: how to paint and which paint to use?

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A pink masonry house and a girl coming down the stairs
To change the decoration of a room or an entire space, sometimes all you need is just to
change the color of the walls. This is what decorators say: a good painting can give an “up” in
any environment and help to highlight the strengths of pre-existing decoration. But, for that, it
is essential not only to choose a good quality paint, but also to follow some essential steps,
which will guarantee an excellent final result.
Painting house lincoln
Masonry houses – those made basically with cement and bricks – represent the most common
type of construction in Brazil. Therefore, in this post we didactically show, step by step, how to
paint walls that are made of these materials and what type of paint to use.
Check out our checklist of materials with everything you will need, and then we go on step by
Goldencor Paints sealer or waterproofing;
Massa Race Goldencor Paints;
Steel straightener (for applying putty);
Wool roll;
Small brush;
Roller fork;
Goldencor Paints solvent-based;
Extension or cable for ink roller;
Ink application tray;
Old cloths;
Newspaper and masking tape for protection;
Old sheets or cloths to cover the furniture;
Goldencor ink Paints in the color of your choice
Transparent safety glasses (to prevent ink from splashing in the eyes);
Apron or overalls.