That’s because, on the tables outside, the feeling of privacy is greater and dining under the starry sky also has its value.

New sandy springs italian restaurant American Pasta
While the tables in the indoor area can make you feel like a true Italian trattoria, it is
because of the outdoor area that Anella won its place on the list of romantic restaurants
in Belo Horizonte.
Romantic restaurants in Curitiba have the advantage: the cold climate of the city helps
to create a perfect atmosphere for programs as a couple.
O Petit Château about taking full advantage of this scenario, offering an environment
that is a trip to the mountain house, without leaving the city.
In addition to the cozy and intimate space, the cuisine also combines with the cold: there,
the specialty is the fondue, which has several types and even exclusive cheeses.
All of them, of course, can – and should! – be combined with a good wine. It is not the
most intimate environment in the world, but the modern and elegant decor of the space
gives the occasion to two a charm and a sense of importance.
Therefore, the Bobardi earned his place on that list.
The menu offers options for all tastes, including salads, meats, pasta and seafood – all
under the command of chef Danilo Takigawa.